Unlock Your Style: Avoiding Fashion Fails and Embracing Confidence

Unlock Your Style: Avoiding Fashion Fails and Embracing Confidence

It has happened to me countless times, and I believe it has happened to you at least once in your life, to look at pictures and think: 'Where was my mind when I chose to wear this?'

To avoid this feeling of guilt and shame for a wrong wardrobe choice in the future, today I remind myself (and you) of the most common fashion mistakes and advice from fashion experts on how to avoid a fashion fiasco.

Buying clothes that are too small or too large

It's not uncommon to buy something two sizes smaller, convincing ourselves that the new diet we will start on Monday will be better than all the previous ones, that this time we will be more determined to stick to it, and that we will manage to wear that piece of clothing and shine at the event for which we bought it. Less often, but it happens, we buy clothes that are too big because 'that's what's missing in our closet and what we've been looking for for a long time, but unfortunately, we couldn't find it in our size.'

Advice: Always try on clothes before buying them and don't pay too much attention to the size you see on the label. Many clothing manufacturers try to deceive us by putting smaller numbers on the clothes, all with the intention of making us feel better when we fit into an M instead of an L. Instead of the label, focus on how the clothes fit you when you try them on and stop imagining how you would look in it a few pounds lighter or how you would manage to pull off an oversized dress without looking like you've put on someone else's clothes.

Overdoing it with fashion accessories  - looking overly decorated

Creating a perfect look requires fashion details, but the problem arises when we don't know where and how to stop, and we put on everything we like, turning a simple and visually pleasing outfit into something that distracts attention from us and our personal style. The goal of adding fashion details like jewelry, belts, bags, or scarves is to enhance our appearance, not ruin it.

Advice: Pay attention to the cut, material, color, and patterns of your clothing. A large, bold necklace looks incredibly beautiful with simple clothing but doesn't complement a design that speaks for itself or a wardrobe with floral or leopard print. Small earrings and a bag in a color 'extracted' from the motifs on your clothing would go well with such a wardrobe. The simplest rule to avoid overdoing fashion accessories is to choose a maximum of three well-coordinated details that don't overwhelm your outfit. This way, you can showcase both your clothes and your accessories without diverting attention from any aspect of your appearance.

Constantly buying clothes in your favorite color

Just because black makes us look slimmer and goes well with everything (if we manage to find something in our closet that isn't black) doesn't mean every new piece of clothing has to be in that color because... Wearing the same color all the time is boring. Not to mention, when people see you, they might think you've worn that new piece of clothing you bought yesterday at least twenty times before, and you know very well such things are hard to forget.

Advice: When you go shopping, don't enter the store with the idea of buying something you've already imagined in your head. Try on everything that catches your eye, even if it's something you wouldn't usually wear. We believe you'll find a color that suits you better than your usual one, and if you're not entirely sure about your choice, ask the salesperson for help. Another person's objective opinion can be of great help if you're stuck in a monochromatic way of thinking and dressing.

Wearing clothes that have seen better days

We all have that one sweater we want to keep and wear forever, but the fact is, a wardrobe with visible signs of our excessive love for that piece of clothing doesn't look nice. On the contrary, we look like someone who doesn't take care of their appearance, not to mention unkempt and neglected. Sweaters with pulled threads, faded-colored dresses, or pants with burst seams need to be removed from the closet.

Advice: Choose something else to become your new favorite piece of clothing. If you can't forget that skirt you adore, try to find a similar one. If you can't find it, don't despair. That style has probably long gone out of fashion. Besides, there are so many other beautiful things that have appeared in stores in the meantime, and you'll feel just as good in them. You just need to give them a chance.

Lastly, we've left advice unrelated to fashion, but related to our health, appearance, and the impression we leave on others.

Smile, because a smile makes us look younger, more beautiful, and healthier. Even if you've made some bad fashion moves, they'll be easier to forgive if you've combined them with a smile.

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