Fashion Forecast 2024

Fashion Forecast 2024

As the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, the first thoughts and wishes will likely resonate with the desire to remain 'alive and healthy for another hundred years, filled with songs, wine, and God's protection.' Perhaps not in these exact words or in this particular order.

We hope for the new year, 2024, to surpass its predecessor, bringing forth better, happier, and more successful times. This aspiration includes restoring smiles to our faces and inundating us with positive news through the media, countering the torrents of negativity from the past four-ish years.

With the entire new year ahead, it will be fascinating and thrilling to observe and embrace new fashion styles and trends, whether revisiting the early 2000s, '90s, or extending the trends seen this year.

While the 'COVID years' encouraged a full embrace of casual dressing, the fashion industry is now pushing back against ultra-casual styles. The good news in fashion is that comfortable clothing will maintain its lead among trends in 2024. While some may stick to jeans, most will embrace the trend of wide, comfortable trousers. Instead of ultra-tight skinny jeans and cropped jackets, 2024 fashion emphasizes experimenting with volume, length, and shape. Expect exaggerated lengths across apparel, including long dresses, oversized long-line jackets, and even drop-waist dresses making a comeback.

Bold animal and floral prints will dominate the coming year, adorning trousers, oversized sweaters, and jackets. Mini skirts and dresses will remain very popular and stylish in 2024. Pleated short dresses paired with chunky platform boots, thick-soled shoes, Uggs, or combat boots will be all the rage. However, note that mini skirts have their 'shelf life' and aren't suitable for all seasons. Ignoring this rule risks looking 'not quite refined.' Hats have never truly gone out of style and will shine this winter season, even in climates where they might not be necessary, adding a fashionable touch or occasionally hiding a bad haircut.

Denim shirts, skirts, jackets, dresses, shorts, and pants will be immensely popular, creating stylish outfits incorporating two or three denim pieces. Hair accessories will reign supreme in the new year, regardless of hair length, with bigger buttons, clips, and bows being better.

Capsule dressing remains popular in 2024, featuring updated basics in crisp neutrals like black, gray, camel, and white, complemented by pops of color, with millennial pink, lavender purple, canary yellow, and pistachio green being the most popular.

Tulle Skirt - Make a statement at any formal occasion with a layered tulle skirt. Black or bright hues and layered tulle create dramatic depth while maintaining a subtly sexy see-through effect. Picture yourself entering a room, feeling like a princess in a dreamy, romantic skirt that turns heads. The delicate, flowing layers of tulle create a soft and ethereal effect with every step, adding a whimsical touch to your look. Pair it with a T-shirt and mesh ballet flats for a casual vibe or dress it up with a bralette and heels for a night out.

Sheer - For those intrigued by sheer fashion trends in 2023, 2024 is the time to experiment with more versatile mesh. Sheer garments in various styles, from fancy to edgy and casual-chic, offer options for everyone. They look just as gorgeous as tops, dresses, and even shoes. Fitting any style from fancy to edgy and casual-chic, everyone should consider rocking the sheer look. Sheer tops are some of the most stylish and convenient garments for anyone who wants to start exploring this look. Whether you wear minimalistic sheer tops or ones with unique patterns or colors, these pieces are ultra-chic. While sheer pants may not suit everyone, sheer tops are versatile and suitable for any age or occasion. Pair them with darker colors and a tank top underneath for a more modest look or wear them over a bra or bralette for a slightly more daring appearance.

If these fashion predictions hold true, we won't need to splurge on new clothing in the upcoming year if we've followed trends in this turbulent 2023.

Happy New Year 2024!

Take a deep breath of life, be healthy, happy, and joyful.

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